The developing of scientific knowledge has assigned a fundamental role to food for human well-being. Quality fish, rich in noble proteins with low fats, low cholesterol and low caloric content, always finds greater support in the development of the new food culture. The latest surveys reveal that the consumer places fish at the top of an ideal classification of genuineness.

Today the orientation is increasingly towards a balanced diet, with an increase in the consumption of fish, on condition that this is very fresh and of quality. In particular, the trout has conquered a prominent place in the food market, above all for the quality of its meat, nutritious and tasty, but also easy to cook and suitable for every type of diet.

This position qualifies trout as a 'modern' product, rich in protein and low in fat, versatile in the kitchen in the multiple forms in which it is packaged by Erede Rossi group: white trout, salmon trout, trout fillet, fillet of salmon trout, smoked trout, marinated trout, salmon marinated trout.



More and more people are looking for foods that can combine flavor and taste with disease prevention and keeping fit. However, certain hurried consumers are likely to remain dissatisfied, and so they ask for help with super-expensive pills or pharmaceutical products or uncontrolled "last minute" diets.

To orient yourself in the jungle of conscious and personalized food choices, there is nothing better than turning to trout. The trout fillet, white or salmon, truly represents a treasure of health for all age groups. After water, the main component is represented by proteins (around 20%), of high biological value because they are made up of essential amino acids, including lysine, which are indispensable, for example, for the synthesis and deposition of new tissues and cell repair.

In trout, proteins are a source of energy that can be used at all ages, though with needs that vary according to the physiological state (growth, maintenance, pregnancy, adult, senescence) and the sporting activity performed. Then lipids or fats that, in Erede Rossi trouts, have the peculiarity of being present at particularly low levels (around 3%), therefore they meet the favor of those who are body conscoius , and are represented mainly by polyunsaturated fatty acids " omega 3 ”of which Rossi trout is rich in. In fact, the omega 3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), characterize this valuable fish species.

Farm-bred trout receiving a balanced food that includes ingredients of aquatic origin, such as oil and / or algae, means well-being and optimal development during growth, and a guarantee to provide, at the end of its life cycle, meats rich in “omega 3 ". The international and national organization responsible for the protection of human health (WHO, EFSA, INH) recognize the omega-3 fatty acids as having an important role in regulating blood pressure, in brain development, protecting against Alzheimer disease, in renal function and in inflammatory and immunological reactions.
According to EFSA's Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA), maintaining a normal cardiovascular function requires an intake of 250 mg a day of "omega 3" which can be satisfied by eating a portion of trout. Trout also contains vitamins and mineral salts, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, which are helpful for cellular metabolism, allowing the renewal of body tissues, essential for maintaining a harmonious biological balance that is identified with a good state of health.

Based on these excellent nutritional properties, we understand how to eat better, and therefore when we bring trout to the table, we help brain to be always ready, counteract hypercholesterolemia, obesity, diabetes and aging. If trout is regularly put in weekly diet, health would certainly benefit from it together with taste and delightfulness. The trout, in fact, gives itself to prepare delicious recipes that will amaze even those who consider themselves denied for the kitchen.
THE FOOD FUTURE The orientation is increasingly towards a balanced diet, with an increase in fish consumption.


Dealing with animal nutrition means taking care of human nutrition. Today experts attribute to aquaculture a fundamental role in the future of food. In this reality trout is noted as a leader in the assortment for more than one reason: it is a "modern" product, rich in protein and low in fat; it is "ecological", because it lives in pure and uncontaminated waters; it’s "versatile", which comes in different shapes, all fast and easy to cook. So, trout is a very popular food on the market, and consumer is gradually demanding and relies only on the brand that guarantees a "safe" product.

In the case of farmed fish, the guarantee is expressed in the two advantages, quality and freshness, which imply many things: quality expresses research, competence, naturalness, technical avant-garde and work coordination; freshness is the result of service efficiency and perfect distribution organization. Over the years and with an ever-increasing experience, Erede Rossi Silvio has investigated all these aspects, optimizing them one by one, until it became the undisputed leader in the sector and a guarantee for consumers.


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