Even without direct incentives, the ever-lower costs of installations make photovoltaics affordable.

In addition to reducing energy costs, the production of energy from renewable sources constitutes an added value for Erede Rossi Silvio in terms of environmental sustainability, which consolidates its image and reputation. In fact, for every MWh produced by photovoltaics, an emission of 536 kg of CO2 is avoided. For companies, especially the self-consumption of energy from solar sources is an excellent opportunity since the peak of production of a plant coincides precisely with working hours, when energy on the electricity market has low prices.

The numbers of photovoltaics according to data from the GSE (Energy Services Manager), at the end of 2017, 774.014 photovoltaic plants were operating in Italy, which in the year produced 24.4 GWh of electricity: 52% is it was generated by the industrial sector (including large photovoltaic power stations), 21% by the tertiary sector, 14% by the domestic sector and only 13% by the agricultural sector. In this scenario Erede Rossi Silvio has embraced the values ​​of the photovoltaic cause and decided to adopt photovoltaic panels as early as 2000 in Brontoledo farm. Subsequently the farms of Popoli, Tempera, Bussi and Sefro replaced their own sheds (some previously in asbestos) and installed photovoltaic panels on the roof. These plants make up for 100% of self-consumption production.


Work is already planned for the new photovoltaic systems in Calcio, Torre and Urago. Other sources of renewable energy are exploited in Osoppo where the hydroelectric plant serves the energy needs completely. Given the proximity to a large river, there is the possibility of a "jump" for water of 3 meters. From this jump the energy is stored by a Kaplan control unit, which makes it possible to blow the water to considerable heights.

The energy produced can satisfy all the demand for electricity from the farm, for this reason no other costs are necessary, on the contrary a large part of the excess energy is sold back to the GSE (Electricity Services Manager) with relative increase of revenues. Not for this reason the attention to the environment must decrease, in fact Erede Rossi Silvio continues to invest time and ideas in what can be a more sustainable production cycle.


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