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Today, Erede Rossi Silvio is one of the largest companies active in the aquaculture sector. Founded in 1947 by Silvio Rossi with the first trout farm in Sefro in Marche region, the company has grown at a remarkable rate, capitalizing experience from year to year.

From far 1947 to nowadays Erede Rossi Silvio has succeeded in completing the 360 ​​° view of the entire production sector that has always been the basis of the company philosophy: all the production phases are carried out on their own, thus ensuring a complete cycle that starts with reproduction eggs, breeding, processing and packaging.

 Of equal importance is the attention to a social and ecological process that is developed in the desire to pursue a common ideal and aimed at creating a 100% sustainable system. This provides to the market a high-quality product, attentive to the environment and high organoleptic characteristics.

This philosophy has qualified the company to gain and confirm from year to year a leading position in the panorama of Italian and European fish farming. Sales are mainly divided between wholesale sales, large retail chains, live trouts and smaller customers.

The GDO has a primary role among the customers of EREDE ROSSI, and this in addition to representing a point of pride for the property, is undoubtedly an ever-greater stimulus to continuous improvement in the quality standards of the product and of the entire production chain. The large chains of Italian and European retail chains have from many years found in EREDE ROSSI a reliable partner that is attentive to their needs for quality and total control of the production chain.

The split of the turnover between Italian (53%) and European (47%) customers, which was substantially equal in 2015, represents not only the confirmation that the quality standards of the EREDE ROSSI are internationally recognized, also the demonstration of effectiveness promotion and expansion actions towards new markets. In recent years North and East Europe have characterized the commercial drive of the company.


"Erede Rossi Silvio" company is aware that, today, the "certification" of its activity is a necessary condition, not only for an effective commercial strategy, but for the research of a "sustainable quality" in full respect of the environment and final consumer.
The certifications available are a voluntary choice of the company that chooses to establish, implement, maintain and improve its business management system to continue to provide its customers with a "healthy and safe" product, the rainbow trout, which, as recent studies have shown (University of Insubria) it is considered an "indispensable" food in a modern, sustainable, healthy and balanced diet.

With this in mind, we are looking for new and better partners in the supply of raw materials, partners who must be able to support EREDE ROSSI in its quality and sustainability policy, which today represents a commercial need, and above all an "ethical" necessity for those who, like us, see in the protection of the environment and in the sustainability of their productions the essential goal of their corporate mission.
The activities carried out within the company follow the ASC voluntary standard, the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards, the IFS standard, the GlobalGap standard, the EC regulations for organic production (Reg.710 / 2009; Reg 889/2008 ; Reg 834/2007) Friends of the Sea. In fact, from years "Erede Rossi Silvio" has obtained the certification of the Quality - Environmental Management System, where the quality of the product, service, environment and animals they are key elements for customer satisfaction.

All the certifications are issued following a strict corporate audit in which the impact of the company activity on the local ecosystem, on the methods of breeding and plant management, on animal welfare, on the types of food used, on procedures for the prevention and management of environmental emergencies and the company energy footprint.


Can a company in just sixty years transform itself from a pioneer of Italian trout farming into a leading company in aquaculture in Europe? This is what happened at Erede Rossi Silvio, today one of the largest companies active in the sector. Since 1947, the year in which the founder Silvio Rossi started to raise trout in Sefro in Marche region, the company has grown at a exceptional rate, capitalizing experience from year to year.

Today the entire group is considered a prestigious and reliable business partner, with an efficient and well-coordinated work organization, made possible using technologically advanced structures and by the collaboration of expert staff also in high-level scientific research.  The reasons of the success of Erede Rossi Silvio are great experience and the excellent intuitions of his men.

THE FIRST GENERATION: the first-generation Rossi, with father Silvio and his sons Niccola (on the left) and Carlo, during the beginning of the activity.
YESTERDAY FARM Sefro, the first farm of Rossi trout breeding company, in a photo from 1947.

The most important moments of its history are represented by the buildings of the Norcia farms (1970), of Biselli di Norcia (1980), of Urago d'Oglio (1994) and of Torre Pallavicina in the province of Bergamo (1994) and by the New Gabriel of Ligneuville in Belgium (2002).

Furthermore in 2009 farms in the hills of Colli Sul Velino (Rieti), Popoli and Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara), Rivoli di Osoppo (Udine), Cittaducale and Rivodutri (Rieti) were acquired. In 2010 the feed mill in Cassolnovo (Pavia), and other farms in the hills of Rudiano (Brescia), Fontanella (Bergamo) and Calcio (Bergamo) were added.

The last acquisition in 2016 with the farm near L'Aquila, in Tempera.

SILVIO ROSSI The pioneer of trout farming in Italy, in the first farm of Sefro, in an image of the 1950s.

In the 40s the founder Silvio Rossi, a pioneer convinced of an activity still to be undertaken in Italy, develops the intuition to raise trout in the impressive valleys of Marche. In the 1970s, his sons Niccola, Carlo and Mario decided to continue their father's business, gradually enlarging the company's development area.

Carlo will be entrusted with the production, hatchery, management of health problems and work organization, Mario will oversee administration and public relations, while Niccola, the true point of reference for the group, has the complex task of becoming the tenacious guide and the focus of the family business.

The charisma of this man, who personally and weekly follows all the farms, undoubtedly transmits his ideas to the team with authority and at the same time with simplicity and willingness to dialogue, and possesses a very far-sighted intelligence and perspicacity, which invests in the knowledge and careful study of American and European competitors, to perfect and consolidate the frontline position of Erede Rossi Silvio.

NICCOLA ROSSI Company guide, Niccola is here photographed in his office in Sefro, with the picture of his father Silvio in the background.


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