With a truly unique experience, capitalized over years and years of production, Erede Rossi Silvio is a company in a constant development, and today it is one of the largest companies in Europe. His commitment is demonstrated above all in the search for modern and technologically advanced structures such as, for example, his two slaughterhouses, equipped with the CEE mark, innovative in the equipment of the different evisceration departments, threading, freezing tunnel, smoking and ATM packaging.


Fish is the ideal food to guarantee nourishment to our planet: it has a high protein content, it is low in fat, it is healthy and nutritious. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient nourishment converters in high quality food, has a low carbon footprint impact and uses fewer resources than other animals in the production system. For this reason, aquaculture is the protein production sector that is growing mostly and is expected to become one of the main sources of animal protein globally.

After all, traditional systems for catching wild fish cannot, however, satisfy the growing demand and risk depleting marine fish stocks and the connected environment. Aquaculture is a key element to avoid all this, but even this must be well managed, otherwise it can have negative effects on the environment, for example: bad site management, water pollution, disturbance of local ecosystems and bad conditions of work.

Fish farming must therefore be conducted in a responsible manner to ensure the sustainability of the product, at the top of the list both for producers and for consumers, and to safeguard the management of impacts on local ecosystems. According to this, Erede Rossi Silvio relies on the sustainability standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC): an international organization, independent and without profit, born with the intention of developing and managing a responsible aquaculture program.

ASC certification is the main certification scheme for sustainable aquaculture at international level and is a voluntary certification open to all companies involved in this type of activity and in the chain of custody. This certification is based on several sustainable aquaculture standards developed by ASC based on individual aquaculture activities and their specificities: today, 8 sustainable breeding standards, including trout, have been approved.

Being a voluntary certification through the ASC Trout recognition, the organization communicates to customers and stakeholders its commitment in responding to the challenge represented by responsible fish farming, in working for the sustainability of supply sources, using responsible practices and product traceability.

The certification shows that the plant is periodically subjected to verification audits to verify if is managed in a responsible manner, also with the effort to minimize, or eliminate, any negative impact on the environment and community, through compliance with stringent requirements. Organizations interested in distributing or trading ASC certified fish products must in turn be certified according to the Chain of Custody standard. The ASC logo can in fact only be used on products sold or distributed along a certified supply chain, in which the integrity and traceability of each step is ensured, from farm to table.

The ASC chain of custody system subsequently guarantees the traceability of the fish products along the entire processing, processing and distribution chain. All companies that intend to manage or sell ASC certified fish products must have, like Erede Rossi Silvio, also the certification Chain of Custody.

Moreover, large-scale retail traders demand that suppliers of the agri-food sector (breeders, farmers, etc.) guarantee the reliability and quality of their products according to common international standards. To do this, specific certifications have been created such as the Global GAP, a protocol of security measures that certifies compliance with strict parameters at every level of the production chain.


Company EREDE ROSSI Silvio di Rossi Niccola is committed to the pursuit of the highest quality of its product in full respect with the environment and fish sustainability, using cutting-edge technologies and renewable energy sources.


Erede Rossi recognizes that the continuous improvement of its environmental performance leads to significant advantages, satisfying the expectations of environmental improvement relative to the territorial context in which the Organization operates.

The Company therefore undertakes to pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing any negative impact of its activities, and it intends to achieve the goals indicated above through the following actions:

✓ Ensure that its activities are carried out in compliance with the current legal requirements and with any signed codes of practice;

✓ Keep the Environmental Management System constantly effective according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 Standard and the EMAS Regulation that the organization has implemented;

✓ Implement every effort in organizational, operational and technological terms to prevent pollution of water, air and soil; - Minimize the consumption of energy and fuels and the production of waste, favoring their recovery where possible and reducing material waste;

✓ Define environmental objectives and targets, to be integrated with the operational management of the plant and the company development programs;

✓ Ensure that the Environmental Policy presented here, and the related management system are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the Organization and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training and education activities.


Sustainability is undoubtedly the key word for the future: it is the only way to ensure a tomorrow for future generations.

Sustainable fish products are part of this philosophy and therefore understanding the market and knowing how to interpret the role of the company in the economic and social context is fundamental for facing future challenges. In this context, Erede Rossi Silvio has always adopted the principles of the green economy by setting up a model of economic development based on renewable energy as a substitute of fossil fuels where savings are given thanks to energy efficiency.

It is also the case of the reuse of processing waste that is sold back to an external company to re-create value in fish meal and fish oil. Not surprisingly, the intention of a cutting-edge company like Erede Rossi Silvio in the field of circular economy is already thinking about how to reintroduce waste within its own production cycle. Finally, also transports of Erede Rossi Silvio are organized in terms of environmental sustainability.

Its fleet has five EURO 6 trucks for transporting live animals in Italy and throughout Europe. This unique technology allows, thanks to the controlled temperature and the recirculation of water to load the goods with attention to animal welfare. Same story for the other 4 trucks, the entire fleet is upgrading to methane combined with diesel.


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