SEFRO PRODUCTION: View of the bridge crane of Sefro.
Carico Evisceratura Affumicatura Confezione

LOADING - Use of modern facilities for the trout loading.

GUTTED - Detail of the gutted process, with the use of avant-garde machinery.

SMOKING - Salmon fillets trout in the smoking tunnel.

PACKING- vacuum-packed food.
Development, projections, ideas.

After many years of production, Erede Rossi Silvio is a Group in constant expansion, so much so that today it is one of the largest companies in Europe. Its commitment is showed in the search for modern and technologically avant-garde structures as, for example, its two slaughterhouses with innovative equipment for the different sections of gutted, filleting, freezing tunnel, smoking and vacuum-packing.
The group has a great interest in foreign markets: to extend the aquacultural scope, the Rossi brothers have thought to diversify the production, purchasing through a joint-venture seabream and seabass breeding farms in Greece and very soon through other joint-ventures, breeding farms for salmon in Norway and for shrimp in Thailand. In this way the circle of fish bred will be complete, exactly in line with the Erede Rossi Silvio philosophy


Scarsito River.

Pure waters just as nature wants.

Very pure waters from alpine springs in the province of Bergamo and Brescia; uncontaminated waters from streams and rivers in Marche and Umbria: this is the natural habitat in which the Rossi Group's trout grows and lives. The quality of the fish bred depends on the quality of the waters used. The trout can breathe and swim only in clear and abundant waters, as in nature and so its meat has characteristic good taste. In the Rossi breeding farms the characteristics of pureness, temperature and oxygenation are controlled every day to ensure a perfect environmental condition to the trout. Large deliveries of pure water in different climatic zones guarantee excellent environmental conditions that condition the growth rhythm of the fish, favour a higher quality product and permit the breeding of all fish sizes in every season. So The Rossi group's trout bred with full consideration for nature having a quality like free trouts in stream water.

Inside the production.
1. View of the structures for production.
2. Avant-garde machinery.
3. The staff's efficiency is one of the great pluses of Erede Rossi.
4. The most delicate operations are still handmade.
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