The whole family staff. From the left: Silvio, Rodolfo, Roberto, Silvia, Carlo, Niccola, Giammario, Iolanda.

Niccola Rossi Silvio Rossi
The leader Niccola is photographed in his office, with a picture of his father Silvio which stands out in the background.

In the 40s the founder Silvio Rossi, pioneer of a business yet to be undertaken in Italy, develops an insight to breed trouts in the valleys of Marche hinterland. In the 70s, his sons, Niccola and Carlo decide to continue their father’s business, progressively expanding the farm area. Carlo will be responsible for managing of the hatchery, of the health problems and of the work organization, Giammario will be responsible of the administration offices and public relations and finally Niccola, the real driving force of the group, will be the leader of the family business.
Niccola, who personally follows all breeding farms, transmits his ideas to the team with authority and at the same time with simplicity.

He is an intelligence and perspicacious men, investing in knowledge and in  careful study of American and European competitors to improve and consolidate Erede Rossi Silvio’s position. He has four sons: Silvia is the responsible for the accounts and client management; Roberto is the business manager for Italy and quality manager, looks after the 500 hectare farm attached to the breeding farm of Sefro; Silvio is the manager of the real estate business in Rome and is however involved in the family business; Rodolfo deals with the national and international marketing.
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