The first Rossi generation, with father, Silvio and sons, Niccola (to the left) and Carlo, at the beginning of the business venture.

avanotti e trote
Silvio Rossi
ON THE TOP: Silvio Rossi. The trout-breeding pioneer of Italy, in the first breeding farm of Sefro, in a picture from the 50's.

TO THE LEFT: Sefro, the first breeding farm of the Rossi trout-breeding group, in a photo taken in 1947.

Allevamento Sefro

Can a Farm in only fifty years transform itself from an Italian trout breeding pioneer into a leading farm in Europe? It's what has happened to Erede Rossi Silvio, today one of the largest companies in the aquaculture line of business. Since 1947, the year in which the founder Silvio Rossi began breeding trouts in Sefro in the hinterland of Marche region, the farm has grown quickly capitalizing experience year after year.
The most important moment in its history is represented by the progressive acquisitions of the breeding farms of Freddara (Norcia -1970), of Biselli (Norcia-1980) of Urago d'Oglio (1994) and by the very important take-over of the Salmontrutta, Torre Pallavicina (Bergamo-1994) and of New Gabriel (Ligneuville in Belgium-2002). Moreover, in 2009 have been acquired the breeding farms of Colli Sul Velino (Rieti), Popoli and Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara), Rivoli di Osoppo (Udine), Cittaducale and Rivodutri (Rieti).

Today the whole group is considered a prestigious and reliable business partner, with an efficient and well coordinated working organization, by the use of avant-garde technological structures and by the collaboration of expert staff, even in the research of a high scientific level. The foundation of Erede Rossi Silvio's success is the great experience and the excellent intuition.
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